Niall McMahon

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Right now I'm taking a break from energy to lead a new media start-up.

My resume is here and a list of my jobs is in the usual place. As always, I'm open to adventures; get in touch anytime.

A little more background ...

I've spent much of my time working at small wind turbine and distributed energy systems. I'm interested in computing and AI. I've built, led and found funding for teams and projects. I solve technical problems. I advise on technology and markets.

For the past couple of years, I've been working at TCD to build a distributed wind research effort. Wind Europe invited me to the 2016 summit in Hamburg on the strength of a research proposal about AI and wind turbine systems. I'm invited to speak from time to time, most recently at the Small Wind Turbine Summit 2016 in Vienna, where I talked about AI in wind and the future of distributed wind energy.

Skills: AI, analysis, wind turbine architecture, control strategy, resource assessment, coding, fund raising, market analysis, technical management and troubleshooting.

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